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Books by SCOPE and SCLC Staff

on working in the Southern Civil Rights Movement


Clark, Septima, Echo in My Soul.  Dutton, 1962.


Clark, Septima Poinsette and Brown, Cynthia Stokes, Ready from Within: Septima Clark and the Civil Rights Movement, Africa World Press, 1990.


Fager, Charles, Eating Dr. King’s Dinner: A Memoir of the Movement, 1963-1966, Kimo Press, 2005.


Fager, Charles, Selma 1965, the March that Changed the South. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1974.


Fager, Charles, Uncertain Resurrection: the Poor People’s Washington Campaign, William Erdmans Publishing, 1969.


Fitch, Bob and Berrigan, Daniel, My Eyes Have Seen.  San Francisco : Glide Publications, 1972. 146 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 28 x 28 cm


Gitin, Maria, This Bright Light of Ours: Stories from the Voting Rights Fight, Tuscaloosa AL: University of Alabama Press, 2014.


Hartford, Bruce, The Selma Voting Rights Struggle and March to Montgomery, Westwind Writers, 2014. Print and Kindle editions


Labedis, Sherie Holbrook, You Came Here to Die, Didn’t You: Registering Black Voters One Soul at a Time, South Carolina, 1965, Rosehill CA: Smokey Hill Books, 2011.


LaFayette, Bernard and Johnson, Kathryn Lee, In Peace and Freedom: My Journey in Selma, University Press of Kentucky, 2013.


Monnie, Terry and Bill, The Lake Effect: The 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Conflict Tested the Common Core Values of Two Brothers, Merrimack, NH: A Snowy Day Distribution and Publishing, 2014.  Contains 1965 SCOPE reports to Atlanta on pp. 125-156.


Reavis, Dick J., If White Kids Die, Denton TX: University of North Texas Press, 2001.


Reynolds, John, The Fight for Freedom: A Memoir of My Years in the Civil Rights Movement, Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2012.


Swope, Mary, My Summer Vacation 1965, self-published, 2011.


Venable, Alan, Hope’s Kids: A Voting Rights Summer, San Francisco, CA: One Monkey Books, 2017.


Young, Andrew, An Easy Burden: the Civil Rights Movement and the Transformation of America, Harper Collins, 1996



Billingslea, Alma Jean, Freedom and the Ground Crew: SCLC Field Staff 1962-1968.


Freeman, Jo, Tell It Like It Is: Living History in the Southern Civil Rights Movement, 1965-66.

Hartford, Bruce, "Troublemaker:" Memories of the Civil Rights Movement, by Westwind Writers, 2019.  Print and Kindle editions

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