SCOPE50’s primary purpose is to promote and encourage voter registration nationally, and to assist with “get out the vote” activities throughout the country.  SCOPE50 is a non-partisan organization.  We will not work for nor support any candidate or party.  We will not be in opposition to any candidate.  Our main purpose is voter registration and educating people on a grassroots level on the responsibility of citizenship.


SCOPE50 works in various communities on voter registration and political education.  We partner with local community organizations, institutions, and churches, for example, the League of Women Voters.  Also, we go into high schools and encourage juniors and seniors to register to vote and teach them about the importance of voting.  We will go to colleges as well to promote voter registration.  Future programs might include working to improve literacy and basic educational skills and fighting childhood poverty.  SCOPE50 will also work to preserve the history of SCOPE and the Civil Rights Movement by sharing documents and other items with historical associations and institutions, such as the Library of Congress.

SCOPE50 Board Members

John Reynolds, President

Jo Freeman, Secretary

Robert Heard, Treasurer

Barbara Williams Emerson

Lanny Kaufer

Sherie Labedis

Richard Smiley

Mary Whyte

Tara Young

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SCOPE50 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  The SCOPE 50 will not give, trade, or sell any personal information or contact lists to any individuals, organizations, commercial enterprises, or marketing companies.  On occasion, the reunion may make participant contact information available at no cost to non-profit organizations or individuals for non-commercial uses that are directly related Civil Rights Movement activities, such as reunion announcements, research requests, and similar purposes.  Under no circumstances will any contact information from this reunion ever be sold to anyone